A Quick Trip Back In Time


Visiting Tulum really wasn’t my idea.

The story had sat occupying space on my shelf and in my brain until the next year, I was busy with my other businesses and doing quite a bit more work on the AMC show ‘Hell on Wheels’.

On the set of Hell on Wheels
Working On the Set of Hell on Wheels

I was learning a ton about how film and television productions were made and was using that experience to to think about how my story could be made into a film. I was also still background acting so had lots of time on my hands to think about how I might film the story…  Yes, I do tend to get ahead of myself.

It was about his time that our travel planner, my wife, informed me that we would be going to Playa Del Carmen for our vacation this year. The
fact that this was close to the ruins at Tulum was probably a coincidence – or so she told me. I think now that she set it up on purpose, and after
IMG_1030what happened when we got there, I’m very glad she did. You’ll get the low-down on that in next week’s post.

I think right from my original notes I had it that either my family or another family discovered the ‘hidden ruins’ that lay beneath Tulum. It was my plan to go there and ‘film something’ while on the holiday – but I really had no idea
what. So we rented a car, drove to Tulum and hired a local guide to show us around.


Now there is a story here… If you go to Tulum today, there is a large ‘tourist area’. Row upon row of bus parking, legions of small shops selling trinkets and trade goods for the families back home, restaurants, gates, paved paths, security… all the things you might expect to find at a tourist destination. You can see it here.

The Well at Tulum
An Old Well at Tulum (Remember This)!

I was amazed at the changes. You see, I had come to Tulum and visited the ruins many years ago. At that time, Mexico had not yet capitalized on the draw of Tulum. Our little 8 passenger bus had bumped down a rutted dirt road to a grassy area just outside the wall around Tulum. We were met there by a ‘coffee truck’ you know the kind that sells donuts, coffee and pop?  There was nothing around other than the ruins. It was then A helpful Mexican gentleman came up, intorduced himself as the caretaker of Tulum and asked us to please not touch or take anything Then told us to go around to the side where the gate was. We were free to roam. I think one area was roped off for archeological preservation work, but that was it. We poked around for 3 or 4 hours and in all that time only one other minivan came by with a handful of people in it .


So, that story I mentioned? The guide we hired on this trip was the son of that caretaker we’d met years ago at Tulum! I love it when things like that happen. It’s always a sign that you are on the right track, and perhaps the Universe is unfolding as it should!

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