An Idea is Born

The first sandcastle we built in Los Cabos suffered the same fate as Atlantis… maybe!

This all started with a family holiday on the wrong side of Mexico!

You never know when a story will come to you. It’s rarely when you want it, and never according to a schedule of any kind.

The basis for this story came to me on the plane on the way to a family holiday to Los Cabos. It popped into my head and I furiously started making notes shorty after we were in the air. The story would be called ‘Mayan’. It would be…  well more on that later.


On the plane I started telling My wife and the kids the tale. I didn’t have the whole story, but was able to give them the basics.  They seemed to think it was a pretty good idea and wanted to know more about it.

Suzanne reminded me that the Maya peoples did not ever come to Los Cabos, and that for my story we were in fact on the wrong coast. Fortunately, this didn’t deter me at all, and somewhat with my family’s blessing, I spent any time that I would normally spend relaxing in the sun… relaxing in the sun, and writing! You would have to ask them, but I think I was able to be there when they needed me to be there, and when I had time I was able to get all the salient points of the story written down.

Catching some rays and writing

Now you need to know that at the time this was happening, I was not writing a book at all. I was in fact outlining for a movie script, as that was my preferred medium at the time. Any way I kept going, fleshing out my very rough draft so that when I finally got the time to finish it, al the basics would be written down somewhere.  It’s always a good idea to write down your thoughts, no matter when they occur, so that you can access them later.  There are lots of people who will tell you that the act of writing them down will even help you be able to remember them. I’ve had no trouble remembering anything and when we got home, continued working in the outline and story until work and the day to day stuff of life back-burnered the story for a while.

Oh, I almost forgot.  While on holiday, we found the time to build a different sandcastle, somewhat more based on the story’s vision of Atlantis…


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