Early Praise for MAYAN – Atlantis Returns!

screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-8-33-27-pmThe early reviews of MAYAN have started.  I’ll post one a day until the launch!

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Reviewed By Benjamin Ookami for Readers’ Favorite  Rating: 5-Stars.

“Neil Enock’s Mayan: Atlantis Returns (The Millennium Series Book 1) has a wonderful gift here for the mythological scavenger who is more than intrigued about Atlantis. The year is 2025; the world has not ended in 2012. A plane crashes. The survivors are rescued and taken to an island that should in no way be real. This island is Atlantis and its people believed that they would return one day when the world ended. The world did not end, yet here they are. Meanwhile, as the survivors of the plane crash tour around this island and learn more about it, human curiosity comes into play. The world knows that Atlantis has returned. Should the Atlanteans be afraid? After all, there are things on this island that some people would kill for.
Promisingly evident in the first couple of chapters, this author doesn’t hold anything back. He wants readers to dive head first into this book and he keeps them submerged until the very end. He has created a fictional Atlantis in full. This island keeps on getting cooler, no matter how far readers find themselves into the book. From a best-selling author who tends to do three things at once to a fictional version of a well-known movie director, the characters that I met were all interesting and unique. While there is always something fascinating to learn about Atlantis in every other chapter, readers will be quite privy to the fact that something will happen. If you’re looking for a gripping science fiction read, this is the type of book you should pick up.”

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MAYAN - Atlantis Returns has already received two ReadersFavorite.com 5-star reviews! (Details Soon).

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